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Product name:Food Grade Phosphoric Acid
Can be used for flavoring; for canned food, liquid, solid drink and refreshing drinks sour agent, can replace the citric acid, malic acid; in the beer saccharification process can instead of the lactic acid to adjust the pH value; sugar industry for sucrose clarifying agent; wine for yeast nutrients, prevent the propagation of bacteria; flour is used for modifying agent, also widely used for high precision electronics industry, the pharmaceutical industry and so on. [MORE]
Product name:Industrial Grade Phosphoric Acid
For the metal surface of steel tube, phosphating, configuration of electrolytic and chemical polishing liquid; used for polishing aluminum products; used in the manufacture of various phosphate; dicalcium phosphate for making feed; used in the manufacture of manganese phosphate acid and potassium pyrophosphate; the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of glycerol sodium phosphate, iron phosphate, regulating the phosphorus alkalinity of penicillin used in the manufacture of phosphoric acid manufacture; as a zinc dental adhesive; plastic phenolic resin catalyst for the condensation of fuel; and intermediates for the production of desiccant; wipe cleaning agent for printing configuration offset color printing version of stains; matches for immersion match, can make the burnt match not ash and carbon shape, safe use of metallurgy; for the production of refractory clay, improve furnace life; rubber paste for coagulant and the production of inorganic binder material; coating for metal antirust paint. [MORE]
Product name:Agricultural Grade Phosphoric Acid
It can be used as base fertilizer, but also can be used as a fertilizer, can adapt to the dry land crops, but also to adapt to the paddy field crops, which is not only suitable for in acidic soil, can also be used for alkaline soil, of various crops had significant effect of increasing yield. [MORE]
Product name:Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate
Mainly used in medicine, food industry and manufacturing metaphosphate; in agriculture as, compound fertilizer, nutrient K2O+P2O5 was 86%, is the preparation of N, P, K ternary compound and mixed fertilizer of high quality raw material. [MORE]
Product name:Diammonium Phosphate
Mainly used in wood, paper, fabric as fire agent, also used as fire paint additives, also used in printing plate making and pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc. in the food industry as a starter, nutrition, etc.. In the agricultural as chlorine free N, P two yuan compound fertilizer use, its total nutrient (N+P2O5) is 74%, is formulated N, K, P three yuan compound fertilizer quality basic raw materials. [MORE]
Product name:Urea Phosphate
Urea phosphate is an excellent feed additive, it provides phosphorus and non protein nitrogen (urea nitrogen) two nutrient elements for livestock, and is more safe than urea.. It is also a high concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer (total nutrient element 62%), suitable for alkaline soil. In addition to be used as feed, fertilizer, but also as flame retardant, metal surface treatment agent, fermentation nutrient, detergent and purification of phosphoric acid additives, etc.. [MORE]
Product name:High Strength Ammonium Ammonium Compound Fertilizer
Ammonium phosphate compound fertilizer is a three element compound fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur, and it is widely used in agricultural production.. Sulfur based compound fertilizer applied in various types of soil and different crops, can effectively improve soil deficiency symptoms of sulfur, and can effectively improve the appearance and quality of all kinds of economic crops, can significantly improve the level of agricultural products, sulfur based compound fertilizer available fertilizer, fertilizer, fertilizer and root topdressing. [MORE]
Product name:Agricultural fertilizer diammonium phosphate 64%
DAP is a kind of nitrogen, phosphorus of two nutrient elements of two yuan, compound fertilizer, which is widely used in agricultural production. It can be used as base fertilizer, but also can be used as a fertilizer, can adapt to the dry land crops, but also to adapt to the paddy field crops, which is not only suitable for in acidic soil, can also be used for alkaline soil, on various crops had significant yield increasing effect, and the same nutrients monomer nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer production amplitude large. [MORE]
Product name:Agricultural fertilizer diammonium phosphate 57%
The compound fertilizer can be used as base fertilizer, but also as a top dressing, nutrient rich, wide adaptability, easy storage, no residue, environmental benefits; fertilizer near neutral, chlorine free, easy to use, acid and alkali soil can be. Widely used in wheat, soybean, cotton and other crops and fruits and vegetables such as basal and top dressing fertilizer all kinds of economic crops [MORE]
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