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Human Resources
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 Talent concept: people-oriented humanized management
Staff management:
    1, the company is implementing the three system reform, the establishment of modern enterprise system, the implementation of the labor contract system, middle managers have hired posts;
    2, the enterprise quota, its principle is: to streamline the organization, save people, improve the efficiency, a gang of people, and staff from different departments;
Salary and welfare:
    1, the implementation of post performance salary, post salary, salary changes, employee income with floating production and operation efficiency;
    2, according to the national policy of regular employees pay three insurance: pension insurance, unemployment insurance, housing provident fund;
    3, to the staff of labor supplies; regular medical staff; the company every summer according to different job standards issued a number of cool drinks;
Staff training:
    1, the company is determined to establish learning type enterprise;
    2, the company according to the different level of employees, the implementation of multi-level, multi form classification training; and vigorously carry out occupation skill training;
    3, the company pays great attention to the team spirit, focus on the construction of enterprise culture;
Human resources information:
    The introduction of the company approved by the Ministry of labor and social security of the new labor personnel management software, the initial realization of human resource management information system;
Talent encouragement policy:
    1, the company vigorously promote technological innovation, to give different levels of incentives for technological innovation achievements;
    2, the company launched the "golden ideas" activities, the company to put forward reasonable suggestion about system construction to reward 50 yuan / bar, and find, mining personnel.

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