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Development History
Create Time : 2015/5/13 22:15:32

    Weng Fu Dazhou Chemical Co., Ltd. is Wengfu (Group) Co., the company's subsidiary, in December 2008 in Sichuan Province of state city, incorporated. In November 2008, Wengfu nine teams settled in Dazhou, opens the urn Fuda, base construction process, on December 18 of the same year, the urn Fuda, phosphorus, sulfur, natural gas chemical industry project foundation laying ceremony was held, only in 70 days to complete the basic Ping field work, then 45 million tons of phosphoric acid device, 1.6 million tons / sulphuric acid plants in ore dressing plant, 120 million tons / year, 60 million ton / year DAP plant, 500 million tons iron line construction project kicked off.
    In November 10, 2008, Wengfu into Dazhou!
    March 12, 2009, field construction projects started. The first shot crashing sounds, urn base Faldan launched a construction climax!
    In April 30, 2010, natural gas chemical industry base, 600000 tons of sulfur phosphorus urn Fuda DAP/MAP equipment operating.
    On July 13, 2011, completed construction and installation engineering and chemical feeding a success, to produce qualified products, creating a phosphorus chemical industry construction, "Chinese speed"!
    On December 15, 2012, with Wengfu independent intellectual property rights, the world biggest wet process phosphoric acid purification device was built and a successful test. Faldan urn base into a comprehensive trial production stage.
    In September 11, 2013, the company 150000 tons / year wet purification phosphoric acid (PPA) device was awarded the National Chemical Engineering Construction Quality Award 2013 annual National Chemical Industry Quality Engineering Award. The same month, the company was awarded the Dazhou city of sulfur chemical phosphorus.
    In January 2014, up state Wengfu Blue Sword company purifying wet process phosphoric acid production of phosphate crystal project ammonium device a chemical cast makings test drive to succeed and smooth output of qualified products.
    In December 25, 2014, ahead of the completion of "fighting 90 days, to achieve the overall device production standards".
    In March 26, 2015, the new norm, a quarter of steady quality and good start".
    Total length of 10.67 kilometers of railway dedicated line to achieve the full run, will be opened in 2015 the second half of the trial operation.
    Weng Fu Dazhou company as a modern phosphorus chemical enterprises, adhere to the reform and innovation, advancing with the times, always uphold the scientific concept of development, is committed to building a circular economy, focus on developing trade channels, focus on expanding production increase, relying on the state is rich in resources, through process optimization, technology innovation, meticulous management, talent team construction, and strive to build China's modernization of large phosphorus and sulfur chemical industry and a variety of fine chemical coexist, with industry demonstration base of circular economy mode and the new industrialization framework.

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